Club contacts:


Chairman                    Bernie Kuropka     01425- 479177


Secretary                    Dave Bowmer       01202-388404


Treasurer                    Tony Bristow          01425-610376


Social Secretary         Tony Townsend     01425 61245

Committee    Ian Barr 01425 612458   Pete Keeping  07305 514887



Our Club Nights are on the third Monday evening of each month at the Walkford Hotel, BH23 5QF at 7.30pm.  In the summer we usually turn up on our motorbikes (if they are working) but the main object is meeting to have a natter and a drink. Sometimes we organise talks or other interesting events. Sometimes we have impromptu runs out.


Informal Meetings are held most Thursdays at the Tyrells Ford Hotel throughout the year and Monday evenings from April to September we meet at Mudeford Quay and sometimes go for a ride (if the weather is ok).


Organised runs:

Runs start at 11am (sign on from 10.30) unless otherwise specified.


We operate a 2nd man drop off system on all runs for those sans Map and SatNav.  Someone will lead the Run and a Tail end Charlie will bring up the rear. At every junction or turning point, the Run Leader will signal to the bike immediately behind him to stop and give ongoing direction to all the bikes following. As the Tail End Charlie arrives, the drop off man will resume his ride at the back of the queue, but in front of the Tail End Charlie; who will have vigorously indicated to him to get a bloody move on !!


This means that no-one needs any map-reading skills, no-one should get lost and the pace of the run is balanced.


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